Stephanie Hebb Real Estate Salesperson– Service Promise

  1. I will explain exactly what you can expect from me from the start.
  2. I will listen to you and do my best to serve your needs.
  3. I will try to respond to all your calls within 2 hours.
  4. I will make sure our discussions are summarized in writing and sent to you, in order to keep misunderstandings from happening.
  5. I will be honest and give you the information you need.
  6. I will do what I say I will do and look after the details.

For Sellers

  1. I will provide a comprehensive market analysis and recommend a price that will attract interest in your home.
  2. I will provide counsel on how to present your home so it is looking its best.
  3. I will market your home to the largest possible number of potential buyers.
  4. I will update you regularly on activity around the sale of your home.
  5. I will ensure that you receive maximum value for your home.

For Buyers

  1. I will endeavor to understand what kind of home best meets your needs and wants.
  2. I will source homes that meet your criteria and show them to you at your convenience.
  3. I will provide market information and insight on a regular basis.
  4. I will introduce you to qualified professionals to help you with the purchase, if necessary.
  5. I will negotiate the best price possible on your behalf.

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