Marketing Technology

Technology for Real Estate

Technological innovation is disrupting businesses across the country and real estate is no exception. Here are some of the digital channels and emerging technologies that I use to provide the best service and marketing support to my clients.

Interactive 3D virtual tours

Rather than the video slide show that most realtors employ, my listings have 3D virtual tours to give buyers a truly immersive experience of the home. From the comfort of their couch buyers can move throughout the home at their own pace, exploring every corner. This gives them a much better feel for the property.

Here is a video that gives more information about how 3D virtual tours work.

Real-time virtual open houses

In addition to traditional open houses, I host virtual open houses on Facebook Live. I will walk through the home and the yard with my digital video camera showing every room from every angle. For those joining me virtually in real time I can answer questions, move in to let them have a closer look at things or go back to something they wish to see again.

Virtual staging

Staging can significantly increase a home’s value by showing prospective buyers the property’s potential. For some properties virtual staging can make more sense than actual staging and achieve the same result.

Of course I use technology in other ways as well. I use video conferencing tools like Facetime, Google Meet up and Zoom when a face-to-face client meeting is impractical.  Electronic documents and digital signature software makes paperwork a breeze.